Firefox & Seamonkey crash on opening URLs

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I recently had to repair my video driver settings (as seen in this thread: Help! Screwed up my video settings - openSUSE Forums Now it's working again, but...whenever I try open some URLs, my browser crashes--whether I'm using Firefox 3.5.3 or Seamonkey 2.0. The URl where I know this happens every time* is: Roarke, Gail (That's my author page. It's a pen name.) *The browsers have crashed this way a few times in the last couple of days, but it wasn't util today, when I tried this one repeatedly and it crashed every time, that I realized it was specific to this URL (among others, possibly). I can go to the site's main page with no problem. I can open the various catalog pages (by genre, by line, etc.) with problem. I can even go directly to my titles with problem. But if I try to access the URL above (or any particular author's page), my browser crashes every time, without fail. Either browser. The screen goes black and then the Suse log-in page comes up. I type in my user password (which I don't ordinarily have to do when I start the computer) and it restarts. And a terminal window opens (for my user account, not root). I have no idea why this happening now. It never did before my video driver issues, so I assume they're related somehow. Anyone have any idea how? Or how to fix it? (Distributions)