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http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Internet, Features, Mozilla, Browsers How better to chime in the new year with some neat Firefox news? 2009 was a great year for Firefox, as I covered in my review last week, but now it's time to look towards 2010! You might've spent the last week being lazy and stuffing your face full of left-over turkey, but it seems the Firefox community has hardly taken a break. Let's get stuck in then, with some news of the Firefox development roadmap for 2010! 1. Firefox 2010 (Draft) Roadmap Unveiled Last week we reported on 3.6 being pushed back to 2010, but now we can see (roughly) which Firefox milestones we can expect in the new year. As reported by Mozilla Links, the list of features for 2010 is looking pretty damn exciting! Out of process add-ons, a faster start-up time and more-responsive UI... the list goes on. 3.6 is expected to launch in January, with 3.7 following sometime in March. The Firefox 4.0 preview is expected in May or June. 2. The Mozilla Labs Design Challenge -- The Home Tab The 'home' or new tab 'landing page' is coming to Firefox! Obviously impressed by Google Chrome's new tab page, Firefox are more than happy to imitate it. Going one step further than Chrome, they're looking at making a 'My Yahoo or iGoogle'-like page, with widgets and gadgets. Thinking about it, it's surprising that Chrome doesn't display iGoogle as a browser-hosted page yet. Because such a start page would reside purely in the browser, it can theoretically be 100% personalized. Firefox, citing the about:me add-on, thinks that your surfing data could be used to tailor a rich, useful page. 3. Firefox 3.6 will let you hide your menu bar! I know, my mind just exploded too. With the release of the Firefox 3.6 Beta 5, you can now hide the menu bar (File, Edit, etc.) by simply right-clicking -- the same way you would remove the bookmarks bar. [I just tried this in Beta 4, and it also works... so I think the source might be incorrect.] If Firefox continues to add minimal-UI stuff like this, it's going to end up looking awfully like Chrome. Not that that's a bad thing -- especially with that 'more responsive UI' they're promising us for 2010! Oh, it's worth noting that you can achieve the same thing in Firefox 3.5 with an add-on. 4. Jetpack version 0.7 released -- are you making add-ons yet?! If you haven't heard of Jetpack yet, check it out! Its primary aim is to make add-on development both easier, and possible for neophyte programmers. With just some simple JavaScript, HTML and knowledge of CSS you can make add-ons with Jetpack. It might be simple to use, but it's by no means weak: back in November we reported on a Jetpack add-on that harnesses the power of your GPU to accelerate your surfing! Version 0.7 is listed as a stability release with lots of minor changes but it does add some swish new GUI, and the ability to show welcome screens after installing new add-ons. Most importantly though, as Jetpack creeps towards 1.0 we can expect to see its inclusion in Firefox 3.7 or 4.0, just like Personas has been built into the 3.6 Beta. What're you waiting for, install Jetpack and get developing already! 5. Finally... a happy new year woo-yay-2010!!! Persona Yes, no one really knows why Personas exist yet, but... well... who cares! It's 2010! A whole decade since the turn of the millennium! Ten years since we fought off the impending-but-ultimately-impotent Y2K bug! Hooray! All things considered, this is actually quite a nice Persona. But let's not fool ourselves: it still looks like ass. The good news is, continued UI development is in the 2010 Firefox roadmap... so here's hopin'.Firefox Friday Five... Fireworks... 2010...! originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 01 Jan 2010 13:08:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Permalink | Email this | Comments (General)