Firefox and Opera both screwed up

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I installed 11.2 and everything worked fine for several days. I have run several version of OpenSUSE previously and not seen this problem before. Suddenly, Firefox and Opera both won't connect to web sites. By this I mean; if Firefox opens up on say google.com, it will do search just fine but it won't leave google. If I get persistant enough I will get a DNS redirect error message. I went so far as to totally remove the .mozilla folder but no luck. Opera seems to have similar behaviour. Chrome, Seamonkey, and Konqueror seem to be operating just fine though. That last bit has me really confused. Why would 3 of my browsers work just fine, but the other 2 not work? btw, my 11.2 install was from scratch. I did leave my home directory intact though (separate partition that I did not format). Any other information I forgot to add that would help in diagnosing this? (Distributions)