Finding/Grep on files with date and hour in the file name

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have a folder structure as follows, DATA -> 2012-01-01 -> 00 -> ABC_2012-01-03_00.txt -> 01 -> ABC_2012-01-03_01.txt -> 02 -> ABC_2012-01-03_02.txt ... -> 23 -> ABC_2012-01-03_02.txt -> 2012-01-02 -> 2012-01-03 So the dir DATA contains the above hierarchy, User input Start and End Data I want to grep on all those files between the input dates:confused:, I want a list of files which come under the input dates. note that the files creation or modified date is not the date and hour contained in the file name so cannot use find newer/modified command. S (HowTos)