Finding a match and deleting the line above to it..

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http://www.unix.com – Hi All, I have a file with the data: Code: Sun is Hot Moon is cool ;   -- Mon Sep 10 08:54:10 CDT 2012 -- Mon Sep 11 08:54:10 CDT 2012 -- Mon Sep 12 08:54:10 CDT 2012 revoke connect from SREE; delete from = 'SREE'; grant connect to SREE with 'fastcar8'; I want to remove the line above the line "revoke connect from SREE;" if the above line starts with only "--" otherwise don't delete. This should continue till all the lines above the revoke line, those start with "--" got deleted. If any space or any other character comes it should stop deleting. Final (HowTos)