findfs returns wrong device(s) outside initrd

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'm booting a Slackware 14 system with an initrd, and I'd like to use file system labels in /etc/fstab. Both / and /boot are on LVM (actually dmraid, but that should make no difference). Problem: Once the initrd exits, findfs returns the wrong devices for both labels. Inside initrd: Code: # findfs LABEL=root /dev/dm-1 # findfs LABEL=boot /dev/dm-2 Once initrd exits, it's a different story: Code: ~# findfs LABEL=root /dev/sda1 ~# findfs LABEL=boot /dev/sda2 Since both these partitions are actually in use by device-mapper, any attempt to access or mount either of them will fail. Since /d (HowTos)