Find with in loops and then difference

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http://www.unix.com – Hi All, Please find my problem below: I have a file at two different nodes dev and test 1st find> find /u/dev/local/abc -name ab.dat --Since this file can be in several sub directories 2nd find> find /u/test/local/abc -name ab.dat I find my 1st find result and do compare with 2nd find result. Have to see the diffrence in the two file. I am doing a find on the following way since I have file ab.dat in many sub directories of /u/dev/local/abc (/u/dev/local/abc/p1,/u/dev/local/abc/p2/p01 etc). I need to search for prence of thsi file in each sub directory and then compare it with su (HowTos)