find files modified in 5 minutes, put output in tar, take tar to ssh, untar, chmod

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi. Guys! Probably somebody can give me a hint. What I'm trying to do is - find files modified in 5 or less minutes, tar them, ssh to server, untar them, chmod them. $ find . -mmin -5 -exec tar cvf - '{}' ';'| (ssh john@servmy "cd /home/john;tar xvf - ") this works fine, just don't know how to change chmod 644 of find output! somebody gonna ask why not scp, well problem is scp does what I need, but problem is I can't change find output for files to 644 ( Or I don't know how) $ find . -mmin -5 -exec scp '{}' scp john@servmy cd /home/john ';' (Hardware)