File size of 60.0 PB is wrong. Can deleting it cause data loss?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – While backing up some data (a 200 GB home directory) with rsync, I got an I/0 error for a particular file, after which rsync continued on "normally" with its backup. The problem source file showed as having a file size of 72 bytes. I cancelled rsync, and ran the same command again. This time that same file showed to be transferring data.. lots of data ...and more data, and more... I checked the destination file's size, and it was up to 13 GB! so I used Ctrl-c to cancel rsync. On checking the source file size again, in Nautilus, it showed a size of 60.0 PB (Peta Bytes!) on a 500 GB drive (HowTos)