ffmpeg re-streaming to another rtmp

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http://superuser.com – How can I stop my ffmpeg re-stream from crashing I'm running the following command in a .BAT file: :loop ffmpeg -i "RTMP://IPADDRESS:1935/LIVE/STREAMNAME.STREAM pageUrl=http://URL.COM swfurl=http://domain.com/licensed/player-licensed.swf live=1" -isync -vcodec copy -b:v 400k -acodec copy -b:a 128000 -ar 32000 -f flv "rtmp://IP:1935/LIVE/CHANNELNAME" goto loop Is there anything wrong with this line of code other than than the links i put for demonstration purposes? As it keeps crashing something about DTS codec is crashing. Maybe I should use something other than "copy" for audio codec? (HowTos)