A few hopefully simple problems with fedora.

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Fedora is very nice it seems, however seems to lack the simplicity windows has to customize things. Problem one I encountered was after installing the latest version of adobe flash player, my browsers would crash on any site that encounters any flash media, ex. facebook, etc. This was on FF where an error reports appears after crash, on Konqueror, it loads but seems to just glitch out and then not load anything else, weird to explain. Hopefully there is a simple solution for this. 2. This is just something that is simple to me, I have am very used to using keyboard shortcuts to perform actions such as backspace, which is key to me in moving fast in my working instead of dragging the mouse all the way to the back button, every time. 3. I cannot seem to double click with my touchpad on my laptop anymore, which I could on my previous OS (Win, 7) I have been exposed to using several nix type environments such as ubuntu, centOS, sun systems, usually just doing some average C++ coding, and other interactive, I know the basics of running the terminal and other commands. My, main concern is getting my damn browsers to quit crashing, very counterproductive. Edit: Ok, this is really pissing me off, FF crashed several times just going to these forums! also I can do yum install it says refresh packagekit (HowTos)