A few F12 Qs after installing

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I've just popped F12 onto a spare machine, intending it to replace the FC4 server I have running at the moment, however I'm struck by a few differences. 1- it's lovely, I'm much prefering it and even on fairly modest hardware (athlon XP 2500+ and 1 gig of ram) it's running really quickly. but... 2- What happened to the services listing/GUI? What's it been replaced with that I can't see? I'm back to commandline for now with chkconfig? 3- And how come some of my packages seem to do sweet FA when installed? I dropped in X11VNC and a couple of others (lm_sensor, ksensor) and while Ive not set up lm_sensors yet, X11VNC doesn't seem to do ANYTHING when executed (no PID that seems to correlate) and no errors given. Comments... 4- Yum (add/remove software) now seems to work well. I like it, especially the terminal-automated installing of packages, wonderful. 5- Installation of the nvidia drivers was a breeze, desktop effects work a charm and smoothly on a lowly machine. 6- My 2500+ that runs at 45/50C in XP sits at 35 in F12 heavily loaded. Whatever is being done, it's doing it right! Any help/comments appreciated, I'd like to get to know this one a bit better. (HowTos)