Fedora9 LVM Group

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi All, This is my first post here. I'm having some problems (actually may not a problem at all but ..) with my LVMGroup in fedora 9. My requirement is to remove all the partitions and those logical volumes in the hard disk and have a completely empty hard disk. Because I need to install vista (proprietary version) first then install linux distro. I had this settings before and there the vista was already there. The issue is that vista is not recognizing the hard disk (I think due to its proprietary nature...). I first install fedora 9 and then analyze the partition structure (by going to the installation step again). It displays two sets, one LVM Groups and the other Hard Drives. Under the LVM Groups: VolGroup00 -->LogVol01 swap -->LogVol00 ext3 And in Hard Drives: /dev/sda -->/dev/sda1 /boot -->/dev/sda2 VolGroup00 I tried removing the partition table (with grub) too by "dd if=/dev/zero of........" even then, I think that Logical volume was not removed so vista didn't recognized the HD. Can anyone shed some on light on this? (BTW I installed this quite a few times in different ways but no luck :mad: ) Thanks, Vijitha (HowTos)