Fedora won't start up after F10 upgrade

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, Some quick background info: I am not a Linux expert, but I'm not sure I can still qualify as a "newbie", since my first Linux install was RH9 in 2003. I later upgraded to FC3 and continued to use it until my hard drive crashed around a year ago. I suffered on an old WinXP machine until I was able to buy a new system from someone on Craig's list. Although the guy didn't realize it (hence neither did I), it has a 64-bit processor, so when I installed Fedora 10, I installed the x86_64 version. I chose F10 since I use the Planet CCRMA pro audio packages, and they lag slightly behind the latest and greatest distro versions. I'm also not a bleeding-edge kinda guy, since - as I said above - I am not an expert. So, then, here's what's happened: I installed F10 by downloading the 64-bit DVD image from the Fedora Unity respin site. As I had hoped, after the installation when I asked yum if I was due for an upgrade it said I was up to date. That was fine for a few weeks, but then this past Sunday I got a pop-up message saying that I was due for a system upgrade. I was hesitant, as I usually am before making any drastic changes, but I figured this is Fedora, they want to do the upgrade, this has got to be pretty safe. Not so much. I fired off the upgrade before heading to bed and let it run overnight (it actually took only an hour or two, but I started it late). In the morning I found my system with a blank screen and essentially unresponsive. I can move a block cursor around the screen, and if I type anything it is echoed on the screen, but there is no response; I don't believe I am in a shell of any kind. Hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL reboots the system, and it gets past the grub menu and the Fedora start-up progress bar (the dark blue/light blue/white text blocks with "Fedora 10" at the right). After the progress bar finishes, though, the screen goes blank (maybe X is starting up?) but never gets anywhere. That's when I can type stuff on the screen, but nothing provokes any kind of response (except for CTRL-ALT-DEL). I'm mildly curious to know if the recommendation about upgrades vs. fresh installs, as given in the sticky post on this forum, still applies, or if it is now considered safer to let the system upgrade itself when it feels ready. What I really need to know, however, is where I should start in order to get my system back. Should I go to the command line from the grub menu? Boot from my install disc in rescue mode? I'm not even sure what I should look for once I've done either of these, so I'm kind of floundering ... This PC has a dual-core Pentium 4 running at 2.9 GHz, and apparently it's a 64-bit processor. The video card is by NVidia, but I don't know the exact card off-hand. There's a built-in Intel sound card of some kind and I added an M Audio Delta 1010LT multi-channel card. Thanks for any suggestions!! (HowTos)