Fedora Weekly News Issue 213

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 213 for the week ending February 14, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue. We begin this issue with a few announcements, including dnssec-conf updates in Fedora 11 and 12, release of Fedora 12 re-spins, and a number of Fedora development announcements. In news from the Fedora Planet, coverage of Day 7 of the Inkscape class @ Boston, RHEL 5.5 beta availability, and Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) SDK on Fedora. In Ambassador news, reports from FOSDEM, and looking towards SCALE 8X and another Fedora Activity Day! In Quality Assurance news, coverage of the weekly QA meetings, Fedora 13 Alpha test compose, and recent developments in automated live image testing. In Translation news, upcoming Fedora 13 tasks, translators invited to FreeIPA details, and new members and sponsors for the team for Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian. In news from the Art/Design team, enthusiasm for an upcoming single-window GIMP, updates on theming for Fedora 13, and a 'cheat cube' for Fedora. This week's issue rounds out with security advisories over the past week for Fedora 11 and 12. Enjoy FWN 213! We're also pleased to note the availability of Fedora Audio Weekly News (FAWN), an audio version in Ogg Vorbis format for a few past FWN issues that one of our contributors has begun. Find it on the Internet Archive and have a listen! If you are interested in contributing to Fedora Weekly News, please see our 'join' page. We welcome reader feedback: [email protected] FWN Editorial Team: Pascal Calarco, Adam Williamson (HowTos)