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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi! I just got an email from my brother. He just got back from holiday and was happy there was finally an update for firefox, but it turned out it was for 3.0.12 (he's running F10). I myself am constantly nagged by ubuntu-using friends that fedora is too bleeding edge and unstable, but I sometimes get the feeling it's not true. When I was using F8 I was a little disappointed at having to use firefox 2, but F8 was nearly (though still not) EOL. Also, I had read that the update would be problematic because many packages depended on the older firefox, though this later seemed strange as updating with remi's repo worked splendidly. Also, looking at koji, it seems that KDE 4.3 (due out in a week or so) will not be coming to the brand new F11, as the betas are only built for F12, or am I interpreting this wrong? (I am running 4.3 RC2 from the kde-redhat project and I think its a real improvement by the way, I really recommend it.) Anyway, does anyone know why some (popular) packages are not updated in supported versions of Fedora, even though they seem to work just fine? And specifically what is the deal with FF in F10? thanks, bepaald (HowTos)