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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Due to several reasons, a hard drive crash, work, kids, etc, I've taken a break from Linux. I missed it. So I took the time to reinstall it. I used to use F7, F8, and F9. My desktop of choice KDE. Although I did not like the changes made with KDE 4. So I chose to reinstall F7. It loaded fine, video detected perfectly, as did sound drivers and everything else. But when going to Facebook and playing any of thier games, my Xorg spikes the CPU. It runs at 90+%. Before my break I found an article in the Forums that said do not use Nvidia's drivers but to use Livna's version of Nvidia's drivers. I decided to search the forums to find how to install the livna repository, couldn't remember everything. I found that it's been migrated to rpmfusion. The problem with this is that it only seems to support F10 and up. What are my choices for fixing my video/cpu problem? (HowTos)