Fedora 12 + WPA2 Enterprise How To

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – You Will Need: 2 USB thumb drives OR 1 thumb drive + 1 blank CD ISO of Fedora 10 LIVE in your preferred architecture 1) Create Fedora 10 LiveCD or LiveUSB Burn live CD or create live USB using LiveUSB Creator <https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator/> 2) Put required WPA2 files on thumb drive Copy your *.p12 and/or *.pem files on to the thumb drive Use the thumb drive NOT occupied by the live OS 3) Boot to live environment Boot to live CD or USB Install applicable wireless drivers (you don't need to update the entire operating system!) 4) Create your username and password IDENTICAL to your F12 installation in the live environment. Log in to this account. System -> Administration -> Users and Groups -> Create new account 5) Copy your certificates (*.pem for me) into the IDENTICAL directory path that you have in your F12 installation. 6) Connect to the WPA2 wireless network. If successful, proceed. If not, troubleshoot. To the best of my knowledge, Fedora 10 did not have any problems connecting to WPA2 Enterprise networks. 7) Copy required files to thumb drive. The login keyring /home/$user/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring NetworkManager XML files (These will be found in directories labeled “1”, “2”, etc. I copied them all.) /home/$user/.gconf/system/networking/connections 8) Reboot to Fedora 12 9) Back up existing keyring Code: cp /home/$user/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring /home/$user/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring.bak 10) Copy data from thumb drive to hard drive Use the same directories as above for both 11) Log out and back in 12) Profit! If you're bugged at login to type in a password to unlock the keyring, just type in the password you used in F10. To change the keyring password, install Seahorse. Code: su - yum install seahorse This worked for me. There's no guarantee it will work for all hardware, networks, etc. For how to convert *.p12 files to *.pem, this guide worked for me. <http://vtluug.org/wiki/VT-Wireless#Converting_the_certificate_to_PEM_certifi cates_and_keys> (HowTos)