Fedora 12 Mounting Realtime XFS

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am attempting to mount my Direct TV DVR (HR22) SATA Drive using Fedora 12 x86_64 using the following command: mount -t xfs -o rtdev=/dev/sdf3 /dev/sdf2 hr22 mount: Function not implemented The output of BLKID is: /dev/sdf2: UUID="f108a0c1-ded6-460c-b3f9-db9d66162c49" TYPE="xfs" The output of fdisk /dev/sdf is: Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sdf1 1 66 530113+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris /dev/sdf2 67 2025 15735667+ 83 Linux /dev/sdf3 2026 121601 960494220 83 Linux I am able to mount this using MSFLive.org LIVECD/USB: http://mfslive.org/download.htm and knoppix (HowTos)