Fedora 12 locking up on boot

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – To make a long story short, I added the rpmfusion repos so that I could install the nvidia drivers and downloaded whatever updates appeared. Initially after rebooting, I kept getting "No root device found" which I've managed to solve but now it keeps locking up after "Starting atd". That actually manages to load and then it locks so I'm guessing that it's "S99livesys" that is causing the problem. From googling, this appear to be a problem with certain kernels and can be resolved by either using an older kernel image or turning the process off in the command line. My problem is that this was a fresh install so there's only one kernel image so it's impossible for me to use a different one. For the same reason, I can't get into the command line. Is there anyway to get around this without re-installing? I don't want to have the same issue if I re-install? Can I download the kernel images and just place them in /boot? (HowTos)