Fedora 12 on the Laptop

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http://techsnap.co.uk – Well in 8 years of using Linux, Fedora is a distro which I try when it’s released but haven’t really used it for an every day OS. Well the XP install my laptop screwed up so I figured as a temporary solution I’d install Fedora 12 on it (32-bit, Gnome) the specification of the laptop is as follows: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino CPU 768MB RAM Integrated 855GME 64MB Shared RAM 40GB HDD Well since I’ve never really used Linux on a laptop and more to the point have not used Fedora outside of VMs this will be an interesting run on here and I’ll update  this once it’s installed. I Could stick my favourite, Slackware on it, however as I said I’ve never played with Linux on Laptops outside of an Acer Aspire One. Installation First thing I Noticed is that KMS does work with the intel drivers so I had the graphical boot. Also the installation as a whole took about 10 minutes which is good considering the specification of the laptop and the DVD/HDD combination. The HDD is 5400RPM and the DVD ROM Drive is certainly not the fastest. Updates As usual packagekit was a load of rubbish and the system wouldn’t update so I just run: yum update It works absolutely fine,  these front ends are nice but they should really be made to work. Something to note here, Fedora uses deltarpms now, less time spent downloading and the whole laptop was updated within 20 minutes. Again fast considering the specification of the laptop. The updates were downloading at around 700Kb/s. (General)