Fedora 12 installation, hung - no apparent reason...

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I installed Fedora 12 today for the second time because it deleted my Crunchbang install the last time and I like Crunchbang. Now I made free space of 120Gb using GParted and also 50Gb of NTFS partition using Windows, ahem... anyways, I need to dual boot because of a database setup that I use for work that cross talks to Outlook and I cannot use the same database taken into Openoffice - it just doesn't work. So, I went through the Fedora install and deliberately chose to install in free space. The installer could not see any of the free space I created so I proceeded to make the space available again using the partition utility in the installer. This appeared to work and Fedora proceeded to install and completed successfully. I began using the system in earnest trying out a couple of things on Firefox. I managed to install Adobe Flash Plyaer Plugin (what a loss that I had to resort to manual install of the RPM - why can't Adobe and Mozilla fix the auto instal???). I then downloaded the BBC iPLayer Desktop application. I then downloaded a video from the BBC to watch and try out the media capabilities of Fedora later. I went into the Software Utility to download most of the KDE stuff to install and try out - there is no indication other than an Icon displaying 'Downloading Files', to say how many files are remaining nor how long it has to go. What a drag... so, I continued to explore whilst waiting for downloads to complete. I wanted to have a look at the downloaded video so I went looking for the file in 'Downloads' in my home folder which is where Firefox has set the destination for downloads but, I couldn't find the file there. There should have been the Adobe download there as well but, nothing. If anyone can shed light on this I would be most grateful. So, continuing to search through 'Places' (it is quite clumsy as well because there is no 'Back' arrow or anything, always having a new window open when selecting another folder, very untidy for me...) I now found that Fedora had hung... I still had mouse movement but, absolutley nothing else, no keyboard, nothing... I proceeded to hold the power switch to force the laptop off. I then booted with my Crunchbang LiveCD and reset Grub as the boot menu loader, this gave me the choice of Crunchbang and Windows again but, strangely no Fedora (can someone enlighten me). Grub is set to hd0,5 with another option of hd0,2. What would I have to do to get the Fedora option on the menu? and why does Fedora not show the option for Crunchbang (at least it didn't delete it this time), again Windows is shown by Fedora but, not Crunchbang as I said. I look forward to replies while I continue to use trusty old Crunchbang... thanks for reading. (HowTos)