Fedora 12 Install from live cd or not?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I’ve been wanting to install Fedora 12 but I have a couple of questions and some concerns. I was reading the sticky note regarding installing from the live cd and partitions setup. I’m already running a dual boot with XP and Debian 5.03 with the Grub boot loader installed, setup as XP on (hd0,0) and Debian on (hd1,0). I just want to get rid of Debian and install Fedora to that drive. I normally let the install do whatever partitioning /formatting needs to be done during the install, and I just choose the drive I want it on. If I install from the live cd, will I need to wipe the Debian partitions and create new partitions beforehand? Would it be better, or easier, to download the non-live cd version of Fedora? I’m not really worried about setting up partitions if I have to, I’m familiar with using G-parted. Just a little lazy about it. :-) What about Grub? Can I leave it as-is, or should I remove Grub that Debian installed and restore the MBR to Windows first, then letting Fedora (re)install Grub? One final note: I want to install the Fedora 12 KDE version. I have the live cd, but is there a non-live cd KDE version? I’ve looked through some mirrors but they don’t list whether it’s GDM or KDE. (HowTos)