Fedora 12 GNOME panel glitch

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Today I was moving the panels around (just to see what configuration I like and such) when i found out that putting the bottom panel (set to autohide) on the top of the screen with the other panel causes Fedora to spaz out and freeze. It happened when I tried to open one of the menus of the top panel - completely frozen. I rebooted, but the bottom panel was still on the top. Fedora itself didn't freeze, but the two panels seemed to cause each other to glitch out and they were both unusable. I can still access the desktop icons - Home, Trash and Computer - but I can't get to the System, Places etc menus. What can I do about this? Is there a way to reset the panels to their defaults? I don't even know how to access the terminal without the menu, so short of reinstalling Fedora I'm stuck on windows for now ;_; (HowTos)