Fedora 11: What is my filesystem?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – As of a month ago I have a new installation of Fedora 11 x86_64 on a 320 GB hard disk. During the installation I told the installer to use the entire hard disk. Today an Ubuntu user asked me what filesystem Fedora 11 used by default. Since I had no idea I launched Gparted. I observed that I had sda1 of 200 MB and sda2 of 297 GB. Clearly sda1 is a boot partition, and sda2 is root. However, sda2 didn't actually say it was root. It said "lvm" and there was a big orange triangle on it with an exclamation point in it. Poking through the Help I discovered that l(ogical) v(olume) m(anager) is not supported. This is very strange. The computer is functioning fine, so the lvm is obviously working correctly. Why is there a big warning triangle on it? Also, I still don't know what filesystem I have. How can I find that out? (HowTos)