fedora 11 device/interface pano: does not seem to be present; delaying initialization

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hello - Linux newbie here:confused:. I do not find anything on this via search. having extremely long startup time. Earlier, I had had to set up a new pan0 and wan0 due to no connection because 'edit' for the existing ones were (still are) greyed out. I am now able to access internet once desktop finally comes up, but still getting this boot message and at least 20 min. startup time. please help fix this error - and remember I'll need instructions in 'layman's terms', please ... thank you! FYI - other boot messages: 2. starting NFS statd: failed 3. setting NIS domain: domain not found 4. starting router discovery: failed (interesting, considering internet access is fine BUT not seeing printers or other computers) 5. starting NFS daemon - failed (okay now; shows enabled but stopped) 6. starting console mouse svcs - failed now: nfs lock is dead, won't start lots of SELinux errors, posting separately (HowTos)