fedora 11 can't shutdown the computer

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hello,everyone! I have a problem with fedora 11. my boss requires :the computer can auto start,auto shutdown,auto log in,auto play films after auto log in. these are the files i have changed: /etc/gdm/custom.conf /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas (to enable auto log in) /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm (to give the time for auto start) /etc/init.d/halt (disable HWclock update,so the wakealarm can wake up the computer in right time) /etc/rc.local /etc/bashrc play movies after start details thea i have written into /etc/init.d/halt ==> ACPITIME=`cat /proc/acpi/alarm` [ -x /sbin/hwclock ] && action $"Syncing hardware clock to system time" /sbin/hwclock $CLOCKFLAGS ==> echo "$ACPITIME" > /proc/acpi/alarm now i can't shutdown the computer ,in graphic mode or use "halt" " shutdown" " poweroff " .it stops in the screen showing blue ground with fedora' trademark,which also shows in the start-up process. can anyone give me some sugeestion, I don't know how to shut it down properly. (HowTos)