Fedora 11 and nxServer..anyone experiencing problems???

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, I am trying to get a read on whether I have a specific problem with nxserver on FC11 or if there are others out there experiencing my kind of problem. I have seen where people have mentioned about authentication issues and other topics that indicate they have gotten nxserver up and running but cannot seem to get it to work right. In my situation, I cannot even get nxserver up and running and would appreciate anyone who might have some suggestions on why this might be happening. In general, FC11 seems to work fine, network access is good. I have no problems getting out to the internet. I also have postgrsql running on both the FC11 box and a WinXP box and can access dbs from either direction. What I have noticed, but have no idea if the 2 are related, is that nxserver won't fire up, and smb4k crashes when I try to run it (However, smb works fine when my WinXP sys accesses a share on the FC11 box). Also, I have placed selinux in permissive mode. Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some sort of direction. Maybe, since FC11 is so new, I may be the only one experiencing this. Cheers...Steph (HowTos)