Fedora 11 all 2GHz?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey all. Im new to the forum and Linux for that matter, and I'm very very busy with my time, so Ill apologize now if this is already a question here on the forum. I just simply dont have the time to look around for it. Anyways, to the question. I have aCompaq Presario CQ-60 laptop, running an AMD Athlon Dual-Core 2GHZ processor, 250 GB HD, and 2 GB or RAM, so its pretty well suited. I have Windows Vista Home Prem with service pack 2. I wanted to try Linux again, after my last attempt on a slower computer crashed and burned. So My friend (jwmollman, HOLLA!) told me about Fedora 11. Why not? So Ive got my HD partitioned into ~190 with Windows and ~40 with Fedora. I got it installed fine. But here comes the problems.... It runs SLOW! Like, any window I open, each processor shoots up to 100%, no matter what window it is. Running the internet is sluggish. Even on a page like this, scrolling down jumps and it wont do anything until its done. Opening and closing windows, at first its a white box, then the real window appears. Closing does the same, but opposite. And even loading update, the internet runs slow. I was downloading at about 30 kb/s, instead of the normal 250+ Im used to. So if that makes sense to anybody, any help or explanation would be Amazing. Thanks all. =] Dr. D (HowTos)