FC8 no /dev/USB?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Howdy, thanks for viewing this thread. I'm currently trying to console (AUX) into a cisco router in FC8 using minicom. I've read a few tutorials that walk you through the process of doing so..all of which seem to use /dev/ttyS* or /dev/ttyUSB* Since I don't have a DB-9 serial port on my laptop I'm using a USB adapter to rs-232 adapter cable. I plug in the cable and boot the machine...it's my understanding that the system should recognize it and list the device as /dev/ttyUSB* ...but when I view the contents of /dev i only see ttyS0 - ttyS03, some usbdev items, usbmon0 - usbmon2, and a /dev/bus/usb (directory containing 2 sub directories 001 & 002) I've tried opening each of these using minicom with the standard 9600 bit rate..and I get nothing...or some strange characters (when I press ENTER when usbmon0 & 2 configured) Do i need to setup ndiswrapper to use a recognized windows driver? when i view dmesg it doesn't even look as if the device is recognized. I'm lost... (HowTos)