FC12 - Hard Crash During Install

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have an HP DX 2200 mini-tower that has been blissfully running FC10 for a while now. After backing up the machine, I decided to do a fresh install of FC12. The DVD I'm using (i386 DVD) has been verified and I have already used it to install FC12 on the HP DV9000 laptop I'm using to post this message. However, on the DX2200 my attempt at an install has been disastrous. I first got about as far as being able to have Anaconda identify my drives and ask me to verify the partition schema. After that the machine locks up so hard that not even the Caps Lock light on the keyboard works. I have rebooted the machine and attempted the reinstall but now it looks up while scanning my PCI. I have tried to reboot the machine multiple times and each time the install locks up somewhere early in the reboot. (I cannot even get to the graphical install screen). (I have also tried the install with basic video and same issue.) Thinking this was an FC12 issue, I have attempted to install Ubuntu 9.01 and have the same lockup. I then tried an FC10 install (which was already running on the machine) and same thing. So now I'm wondering if a hardware issue has miraculously appeared, so for real kicks I tried to install Windows XP on the machine and it worked fine. Ugh... So now I'm perplexed. I have been a devout Fedora fine since the distribution's beginning, but I'm honestly not sure what the problem is. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks! Paul P.S. I've checked the BIOS on the machine and it is current. (HowTos)