fc12 and midi

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have an intel duo core mb with intel on board sound and an ati 4350 video card - which fc12 considers another audio card. Check System -> Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Prefereences output tab to be sure the correct output device is selected. It changed randomly with the last yum kernel update. Recently upgraded from fc11 to fc12 and noticed that jackd no longer defaults to non realtime so to start it I have to pass this string. My requirements dont seem to require realtime kernel mods. If using qjackctl have to pass the --no-realtime there also. /usr/bin/jackd -v --no-realtime -d alsa -d hw:0 -r 44100 -p 1024 -n 2 My overall goal is midi sequencing and for the moment rosegarden is the only app that seems to be working. I am using fluidsynth and the fluidsynth-dssi plugin. After starting qsynth use the setup button and in the audio tab under JACK Client Name ID select fluidsynth. If that option is not present you need the fluidsynth-dssi plugin. Then under the soundfonts tab have a soundfont path selected. Now I start rosegarden and here a couple of comments regarding its usage albeit I barely know the program. First I load a midi file. On the lhs of rosegarden I change the Device field from General MIDI device to Synth plugin. Then under Instrument Parameters select the field <no synth>. It opens a window Synth plugin #1 on my machine. Then select the Plugin field. The list should include FluidSynth DSSI plugin and it should be selected. Then close. Here is where I fumbled for awhile trying to figure out how to get sound from a gm midi file and make changes to the instrument. If the midifile that was loaded show only a single track with FluidSynth-DSSI for the track name I couldn't get any sound. But if I added a blank track at the top. Rosegarden -> Tracks -> Add Track then moved it to the top and set it as synth plugin #1 and changed the original track back to general midi device I get sound and I can make changes to the instrument. I would expect that I am doing something wrong here and that there is an easier way to play midi files under rosegarden. Most of my work is with lilypond so midi track editing is a minor part of the process but essential to me. Also from reading the notes on rosegarden setup is quite a bit easier with a midi piano but I was interested in using the synth plugins. (HowTos)