Failed upgrade to Fedora 11 from fedora 6 using the fedora 11 cds

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Dear Guys, I upgraded some old systems before from fedora 4 and fedora 6 to fedora 9 and 10 using the cds, When I booted the cds of fedora 9 and 10 it detected the old installed fedora and offered to upgrade it, It sounds nice, I chose to upgrade and every thing went fine, The old fedora 4 and 6 became 9 and 10. Now I try to do the same with 1 of my friends, He told me that after booting the pc from the new fedora 11 cds, It didn't offer to upgrade the old installed system, Although after that in detected the installed fedora, But didn't offer to upgrade it like happened before with fedora 9 and 10. So did they removed this good feature from fedora 11? I mean may fedora 11 can do the upgrade only from fedora 10 even if you use the complete cds. (HowTos)