Facebook starts India specific Google ads

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http://digitizor.com – In a bid to increase its presence in India, Facebook has started using India specific Google ads. These ads appears when you use www.google.co.in to search for someone from India who is Facebook. The ad appears in the Sponsored Links column in the search result page. This is the ad I got when I searched for myself in www.google.co.in: Facebook Google Ad These ads do not appear when you search for someone who is not in India or from another local Google search other than Google India. This kind of promotion can change the fortunes of Facebook in India, which is one of the few countries where Orkut is still very popular. Has Facebook started such kind of ads in any other countries? Let us know. Related Posts : Google search goes button less - from now on hit key enter to search And Google Suggest Goes Local! Google finally smells competition from Bing, launches 'Explore Google Search' Facebook Tip: Find your Orkut friends on Facebook Chit Chat for Facebook – a desktop based client for Facebook chat Whats This? (HowTos)