F12 T'bird & Evolution

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I've used Tthuinderbird for a long time and have been planning to switch to evolution for some time ,but I've encountered problems with both. By default on F12 Thunderbird, when you create an imap account it "sync" (their term) t o a local copy of the emails. I found this out when I started getting reports that my laptop partition was nearly out of space and aI found a 5.9GB wad under ~/.thunderbird/... . I've configured t'bird at least 2 dozen times and have never encountered this bit of lunacy before. Don't they understand that the point of imap is to leave everything on the server ? I found no way to delete the massive content on the client laptop from w/in T'bird so I ended up blowing away the entire config directory. That's not right. == On to Evolution for some more silliness. For some reason Evo' picked up all files and directories on one server, including ones it was not subscribed to. I eventually discovered that if I subscribed, then unsubscribed (from the "files" tab) that I was able to make all the noise disappear. Evo' by default saves all sent mail to a local folder, even on imap accounts. That's a ridiculous default. Yes it can be changed but it seems silly as a default for imap. I accidentally dropped a folder inside of another. No problem, I thought, I'll just use "move" to place it back in the correct location. Apparently the move worked, but the left column graphical list would not correctly display this fact until I closed and re-opened Evo'. More of an annoyance than a problem. When I delete emails or move them they still appears with a through-line (allowing you to undelete). Nice option, but I don't like it. Can this be changed ? When I empty the trash folder the crossed-out entries disappear, but not before. The 'moved emails" crossed-out entries seem to never disappear until I restart Evo'. My MO is to start up the mail client and leave it running in my soho , sometimes for days, and no I don't need an in-your-face reminder that I have moved or deleted emails. -- More blowing off steam here, and I could probably answer these myself with some work, but if there is an advanced evolution user around I'd like to understand how to change some of this default behaviour. tnx, -S (HowTos)