F12 opensync Nokia E71: unable to connect

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have been synchronizing my Nokia E71 with KDE-PIM on F11 for several months, using msynctool (opensync 0.22) and connecting through an usb cable. I'm trying now to migrate to F12 but my Nokia E71 doesn't connect. This is the operating sequence: msynctool --sync kdepim-e71 Synchronizing group "kdepim-e71" Member 1 of type kdepim-sync just connected Member 2 of type syncml-obex-client had an error while connecting: Unable to connect to the interface Member 1 of type kdepim-sync just disconnected All clients have disconnected The sync failed: Unable to connect one of the members Error while synchronizing: Unable to connect one of the members The related software is: libopensync.i686 1:0.22-5.fc12 libopensync-plugin-kdepim.i686 1:0.22-6.fc12 libopensync-plugin-syncml.i686 1:0.22-3.fc12 msynctool.i686 1:0.22-2.fc12 syncml-obex-client.conf is the same as it was on F11. The core of it is: <interface>0</interface> <identifier>PC Suite</identifier> <version>1</version> <wbxml>1</wbxml> <type>5</type> <usestringtable>0</usestringtable> <onlyreplace>0</onlyreplace> <onlyLocaltime>0</onlyLocaltime> <recvLimit>0</recvLimit> <maxObjSize>0</maxObjSize> <contact_db>Contacts</contact_db> <calendar_db>Calendar</calendar_db> <note_db>Notes</note_db> Any suggestion? Is it a regression problem? Thanks in advance for your help (HowTos)