F12 in french

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I just installed the xfce4 spin and its' great. Clean and light, but it only seems to talk english. That's fine for me and I'd keep it as it is but I'm looking for a french language installation for a couple of friends. The xfce4 liveCD asks me for a keyboard layout but says noting about installation lang. So I got and english F12 with a french keyboard. On starting from the installed reboot the login screen shows "chose you language and login", or words to that effect. Only there does not seem to be a way to do that. It looks like some half hacked option that would normally appear in a full F12. There is absolutely nothing in the release notes that explains that it is a one language build so if that's the case it should be clearly labelled. So where can I go from here? Dump the installation and do full gnome install then install @xfce-desktop ? Is that a way to install an international build of xfce4? Local rebuild, too much work. Forget xfce4 and go for gnome / kde. Shame , I like xfce4 Drop back to F11, more mature and sorted . Tranlations seems a bit unfinished. What would you suggest? TIA (HowTos)