F12 - cannot set boot video mode to stay in 80x25

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have installed F12 from the DVD onto my laptop. The kernel is vmlinuz- When I boot the machine it starts in what looks like 80x25 mode, and then changes to 160x50. Please see F12-PAE-boot.jpg for the default boot mode. :( I cannot see anything hardly, as the text is so small. :( In GRUB I passed the vga=ask kernel parameter, and got the video mode selection screen, like in vga=ask.jpg So I booted the machine using mode 'f' from the menu. Got the tux picture and the boot process continued OK. Then the video mode changed again, and went back to 160x50, totally ignoring what I selected at the video mode selection menu. The message says: "fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver" Please see switching-mode.jpg and switching-mode2.jpg for details. So it appears that the selection I'm making is being wiped out. How can I get the machine to boot up in 80x25 mode and stay in that mode please? NB: I have a working F10 root partition on this machine, and I don't get this mode changing problem when I boot into F10 from GRUB. That's running Attached Images F12-PAE-boot.jpg (86.5 KB) vga=ask.jpg (87.5 KB) switching-mode.jpg (88.4 KB) switching-mode2.jpg (89.6 KB) (HowTos)