F11 + vino ... slow

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I installed F11 (new install - not upgrade) on my computer connected to the TV (TV computer) . I installed vino (2.26.2-1) on the TV computer and x2vnc (1.7.2-10) on my laptop, so I can control the TV computer using my laptop. This same setup worked great in F10. With F11, when I connect to the TV computer to play a DVD using x2vnc, vino-server uses about 15% of the CPU and the DVD skips frames. IMHO, the whole point of using x2vnc is to control the remote computer without graphics export slowing you down. What has changed from F10 to F11 that has broken this :( Does anybody know if I can fix this? BTW, x2vnc supports only protocol version 3.3 but the new F11 vnc-server supports protocol version 3.7. I am not sure if that will make the difference - which means I have to wait for the newer version of x2vnc (which doesn't seem to be actively developed?). (HowTos)