F11 on ICH10R raid 0

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello First of all - I'm not experienced in linux systems. I tried to install F11 on a P5Q Turbo MB with 2x1Tb Seagate Hdds - the raid is set from bios. Southbridge ICH10R controler is used. The partitions are like this: 100Mb - primary for boot 200Gb - Xp - primary the rest is a extended partition ===================== 200Gb - vista - logical 700Gb - storage1 - logical 700Gb - storage2 - logical 95GB - ext3 for / 4gb - swap ===================== The partitions for fedora were already made with a windows tool prior to this install. I only choose to format them from the installer to ext3 format and swap. In the installer the raid is well seen as mapped in /dev/mapper/isw_ideagdggg_Volume0. Partitions are like /dev/mapper/isw_ideagdggg_Volume0px. The install is working well, I select the GRUB to go in MBR. After install at the first boot, I simply get the Vista loader screen as before install. If I boot in rescue mode from the dvd to the linux install I can see that there is in fact no /etc/fstab file. With a fdisk /dev/mapper/isw_ideagdggg_Volume0 I see something curious, /boot, / and swap partition are seen as FAT16 (!) If I make a fdisk on /dev/md-0 I see the same FAT16 /boot, / and swap partitions but in this case, the partitions are displayed like /dev/dm-0px but in /dev/ there are actually /dev/dm-x files for partitions. On grub, I fail to root, with the unknown partition type problem either if I use the /dev/mapper files or /dev/dm-0 ones. To me, it looks like there is an incompatibility problem betwee dmraid and mapper modules... (just my opinion :) ) 1) Would be ok if I make some symlinks in /dev/ for dm-0 files? 2) Did anyone managed to install F11 on existing raid 0 array? 3) From what I've understood mdraid is better than dmraid, at least for isw_ controllers - is there a way to use this instead of dmraid at install time? Regards (HowTos)