F11: "Hacking" libdrm SRPM/specfile [SOLVED]

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I would like to re-build libdrm-devel (and libdrm) to include the Mach64 'include' file(s), to enable subsequent re-building of the mesa DRI driver and kmod. To date, F8 through F10, I've resorted to compiling the whole big mess from DRI GIT source code, and using checkinstall to create RPMs, but this is extremely tedious and even more of a "hack", and not reproducible (i.e.: no SRPMs available for re-build on other ARCHs). The current stable libdrm for F11 is here: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/b...buildID=112038 After reviewing the contents of the SRPM and it's spec file, I simply edited the %files list for libdrm-devel to add in the mach64_drm.h file, but the re-build fails at the very end, when checking for missing/unpackaged files: "file glob "mach64_drm.h" not found". I've stared at the spec file and source tarball, and all the other patches and such, but I can't see where things are going wrong. Any thoughts/help appreciated. V (HowTos)