F11 to F12 doesn't seem to like legacy Nvidia cards.

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Greets all and congrats on the developers on bringing us another great version of Fedora. My box has an Nvidia GForce4 MMX 440 SE 64MB SDRam. I downloaded and updated from F11 to F12 last night. Before I went to bed It booted to a blank screen, GDM didn't want to start. I decided to investigate in the morning and went to bed. The first problem I found was that the F11 Legacy Nvidia Drivers were causing a problem, so I had to remove those. I also did an update with yum to get everything 100% updated. Then rebooted, more problems. GDM did NOT want to start for anything. More investigating found that the culprit was this nouveau kernel mod. Well, I had the xorg nouveau driver installed and I thought that this might be one in the same so I removed the xorg one with no avail, the nouveau kernal mod still loading. Seems that they are different and one is used for the xorg server and the other is used for the framebuffer console. I had to pass nouveau.modset=0 to the kernel at boot time to rid myself of the framebuffer. GDM starts now and I have resinstalled the xorg Nvidia nouveau driver though I have not tested it as of yet. Is there a better way at disabling the framebuffer boot up then by passing things to the kernel? (HowTos)