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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hello I have begun hosting a website site for my local club. The PC is running F10 with all the latest updates to provide access to photographs I am using Gallery2, installed via yum. Quote: [kp@tiny ~]$ uname -r [kp@tiny ~]$ rpm -qa gallery2 gallery2-2.3-14.fc10.noarch Now I would like to be able to display the photos contained in Gallery2 using Cooliris. Can someone explain how to do this? i have looked at various forums etc. but i have not found a definitive answer based upon a fedora install On another note I have installed the G2 plugin for the Slideshow feature. Now this works on the PC where the G2 runs. But if I access the Slideshow from any other PC the page is blank. What plugin is required for this to work on other PCs? Now i am new to this website design carry on so please be kind. (HowTos)