Extracting some files from a folder and creating a list of these files

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am just a beginner with Unix and so my skills in Unix commands is limited. I am currently dealing with a folder containing about 1000 files and I have to extract some filenames from this folder and create another file (configuration file) containing these filenames. Basically, the folder has filenames in the following format : 1_Apple_A_someword.txt 1_Apple_B_someword.txt 2_Apple_A_someword.txt 2_Apple_B_someword.txt 3_Apple_A_someword.txt 3_Apple_B_someword.txt and so on up until 1000_Apple_A_someword.txt 1000_Apple_B_someword.txt I just want to extract out all files which have (HowTos)