Extract a selected file from a .tbz file

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http://serverfault.com – I am on CentOS server. I have to download a .tbz file every day which is of 3GB in size and then i have to extract it and use inner files for further process. There are 48 files in the .tbz extracted folder and i have to use only one file from it. After extraction size of the folder is approx. 25 GB because of which disk space of server get exhausted. I tried tar -xjf /var/www/html/folder1/folder2/folder3/price.tbz total_price and tar xjf /var/www/html/folder1/folder2/folder3/price.tbz total_price -C /var/www/html/folder1/folder2/folder3/ and tar -xjf /var/www/html/folder1/folder2/fo (HowTos)