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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Sharez wrote:sed -i 's|glib/g.*\.h|glib.h|' applets/maintained/awnterm/* sed -i 's|glib/g.*\.h|glib.h|' applets/unmaintained/awnsystemmonitor/* sed -i 's|glib/g.*\.h|glib.h|' applets/maintained/notification-daemon/* sed -i 's|glib/g.*\.h|glib.h|' applets/unmaintained/main-menu/*Those worked for me, too.  No longer getting the deprecation notice.  Now I get: daemon.c: In function notify_daemon_close_notification_handler: daemon.c:1421:17: warning: passing argument 4 of g_set_errorâ makes pointer fr\ om integer without a cast [enabled by default (HowTos)