EXT3-FS: error (loop0) ext3_lookup unlinking inode

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http://serverfault.com – Running CentOS 5.6 with mdadm RAID1, 2TB, 3 partitions (boot, swap and root). I had a kernel panic in the server, and after rebooting, the system stays up for about 5-10 minutes, the it starts printing out fsck errors to the console and the root file system is put into readonly mode. I rebooted into single-user mode, unmounted the / partition and tried to run e2fsck -f /dev/md2 but it hung at Stage 1 for over 8 hours without updates. I notice that the RAID is being resynched (cat /proc/mdstat) -- could this be impacting the e2fsck? I ran smartctl on both disks, they both came back h (HowTos)