EXT-partition makes phone unstable.

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Hi there! I've got a problem with my HTC Desire sd card partition. Every rom works fine, sd card also but it starts to force closing, freezing and randomly rebooting when I push apps to sd card using any of the A2SD scripts (except stock one). I mean, when I use roms which just need SD-EXT (such as MIUI or SpazeDog ICS) nothing seems to work uncorrectly but when I move apps all problems start. I tried many roms (MIUI, InsertCoin Sense, SpazeDog) and diffrent moving scripts (A2SD+ ; D2EXT ; and others which names i forgot) and it always caused reboots, FCs and frezzes when I pushed my apps. C (HowTos)