Expect scripting

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http://www.unix.com – Hello, I tried to use expect to catch information from my nagios and send me a call but i have nothing when i execute the script : Code: 0 - add : account SIP 1 - trext : information from nagios text2wav : conversion text to wav ( text to speech ) pjsua : connection thru the SIP Code: #!/usr/bin/expect -- set timeout 45 set addr [lindex $argv 0] set text [lindex $argv 1] send "$text\n"; expect /usr/bin/text2wave -o phone-call.wav -eval "(voice_nitech_us_rms_arctic_hts)" spawn /usr/bin/pjsua --app-log-level=3 --config-file /etc/pjsuarc --play-file phone-cal (HowTos)