Excluding a directory name in a zsh recursive glob

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm running zsh on Linux under setopt extended_glob ksh_glob glob_dots. I'm looking for something easy to type on the command line, with no portability requirements. I'm looking at a source code tree, with no “weird” file names (e.g. no \ in file names, no file name beginning with -). Either of the following commands print the list of subdirectories of the current directory recursively: find -type d print -l **/*/ This is actually an svn checkout: $ find -type d ./.deps ./.svn ./.svn/text-base ./.svn/prop-base ./.svn/tmp ./.svn/tmp/text-base ./.svn/tmp/prop-base ./.svn/tmp/props ./.sv (HowTos)